I offer courses in core international relations, as well as on international security, urban security, war and diplomacy, and international organizations. Extensive data collection and analyses experience has also equipped me to teach a range of courses related to qualitative methodology.

As a teacher, I make courses accessible and engaging so that students learn substantive material, think critically about theoretical frameworks and practical experience, and thoroughly understand and represent relevant arguments in the classroom and beyond. I employ a student-centered, active learning approach to teaching. Group activities and guided discussions regularly supplement my lectures in the classroom. I also deliberately incorporate assignments that actively help students hone widely applicable skills to their future careers, such as critical analyses, writing skills, presentation skills, and research. I take a scaffolded approach to these assignments, where students have the opportunity to start with simpler aspects of the assignment and gradually build up to more complex exercises, with ample feedback provided at each step.

Department of International Relations, Özyeğin University

Instructor of Record

Introduction to International Relations

Humanitarian Intervention in International Crises: Critical Perspectives

Power: A Study in Political Theory

Civil Wars and Domestic Conflicts

Departmental Service & Invited Lectures

Kashmir: Retrospect and Prospect, ÖzÜ Diplomacy Club, 28 November 2019

Department of Political Science, University of Minnesota

Instructor of Record

Political Ideas and Ideologies

Teaching Assistant

Revolution, Democracy, Empire: Modern Political Thought

Introduction to Political Theory

Political Ideas and Ideologies

Contemporary Politics in Africa

Chinese Politics

Governments and Markets

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